Mestdagh Chiropractic, in Columbia IL, is a modern facility known for its range of chiropractic techniques and as a leader in the profession in the clinical application of technology. We know selecting a chiropractor for yourself and your family is an important decision.

  1. Hours

    Early to late, 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday AM, 10:30-11:30; and urgency care outside of office hours available at 618-444-6167

  2. Spinal Adjustment (the foundation for health)

    We offer spinal adjustments with that extra something special. Dr. Mestdagh is a master chiropractic adjuster, knowledgeable in over 10 chiropractic techniques that are even safer, more comfortable and more effective than ever before. We have given over 400,000 adjustments to babies 1 day old, seniors 98 years young, people in wheelchairs, in hospitals, many failed back surgery cases, professional athletes and Olympic medal champions.

  3. Extremity Adjustments

    We offer and provide adjustments to extremity areas other than the spine, such as the TMJ, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

  4. X-rays and spinal photography

    We have state-of-the-art digital full x-ray services using the same technology seen in hospital based facilities. The detail is astonishing, with decreased exposure to x-rays, clearer, more precise images and xray image disk available.

  5. Physiological Therapeutic and Physiotherapy Applications

    To support your adjustment and help stabilize your condition and accelerate healing we may use cryotherapy (ice), electrical muscle stimulation, manual traction, mechanical inter-segmentation traction, soft tissue manipulation, percussion, taping and foot orthotics and other applications.

  6. Nutritional Counseling

    You know what to do but you don’t do it, why? Because habits are thousands of times stronger than goals, desires, wishes or dreams. You’ve been told by your doctor to just eat better and take some synthetic vitamins but that doesn’t work. We will teach you not only the latest successful information on what to do and what to take but more important, how to break your destructive habits that keep you unhealthy, overweight, or from maximizing your health potential. We use and suggest the best food choices and the finest plant-based supplements and vitamins made today of superior quality. Not the synthetic, dead nutrients you find at the drug store, grocery stores or ‘mart’ stores. Those supplements are often made in China without quality controls, are then shipped to America where they are labeled with fancy labels but their nutritional quality is extremely low and may even be harmful and toxic to your health. We provide and suggest nutritional supplements and detoxification programs to help eliminate such conditions as fatigue, cramps, difficulty sleeping, stress, sinus problems, digestive problems, constipation, menopausal symptoms and many other conditions and of course the finest supplements to optimize your health in peak performance and longevity.

  7. Exercises, Rehab and Prehab Training

    We provide individualized exercises and tailored rehab training that really gets results within the short time expenditure possible developed after and from 25 years of serious personal training and study. Exercise designed uniquely to strengthen weakened areas and help your body stay in balance, strong and healthy. Your body may already be degenerated but these exercises and care are designed to provide regeneration in your tissues and life.

  8. Specialized Care and Techniques for Specialty Problems and Considerations

    We provide specialized care such as pediatric chiropractic, geriatric chiropractic, adjustments and care throughout the terms of pregnancy, sports chiropractic, and specialized chiropractic care for post-surgical or failed back surgery problems all because we have the training, experience, techniques and specialized equipment.

  9. Affordable fee structure

    We will do our best to make it so. We accept all insurance that accepts us and most cover chiropractic to some degree such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Healthlink, Medicare, Medicaid, Workman’s Comp., Auto Accident Insurance and many others. For the uninsured, we have very affordable cash payment plans for individual and family and we accept Care Credit, Mastercard and Visa.

  10. Auto Accidents and Workers’ Comp Care

    We have great expertise, knowledge and the facility and equipment required to take care of these specialized types of cases. We have cared for over 2000 such cases from mere fender-benders to million dollar claims and multiple fractures, from slips and falls to injuries from lifting or serious disability injuries. We file claims for you and work with your attorney, if you need one.

  11. Thermal Scans

    Thermal Scans to determine if pressure exists in the upper cervical or brain stem area which can create conditions such as migraines, headaches, foggy thinking, memory loss, or even shortened life span.

  12. True wellness care, real health care and life style coaching

    If you want to stay alive while you are alive, we have the plan.

  13. Speaker and Educator

    Dr. Mestdagh gives ongoing dynamic training workshops and lectures in his office as well as to schools, churches and businesses on spinal care, how to maximize your health, nutrition and weight loss, positive mental attitude and the science of success and optimized living. We are available to meet with your organization or group, just contact our office for details.

We have great confidence, we can help you too!


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